Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action aims at the holistic intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth of an individual. Learners engaged in this program are expected to be life-long learners, and through experiential learning, evolve as active citizens and caring and compassionate humans. SEWA takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom and sometimes even beyond the boundaries of the school, thus building bridges with the authentic and real world in meaningful and positive ways. Activities and projects undertaken as a part of SEWA help in creating a connection between learners and the community. They encourage learners to undertake collaborative community outreach projects under various themes such as providing support to the vulnerable sections of the society, promote literacy, protect and conserve our tangible and intangible heritage, and more such community projects. The students are also encouraged to take individual initiatives of helping the community and share their experiences with the teachers and peers. It aims at bringing positive change in the surroundings through collaboration and interaction with Non-Governmental organisations / Parent volunteers. Fundraising campaigns and Resource sharing drives are undertaken to bring solace to the underprivileged section or to support people during the time of calamity. The activities undertaken by the learners help in honing certain skills such as creativity, problem-solving, leadership, organisational skills and soft skills, and most important of all to inculcate empathy and develop values of responsible citizens among them.

The success of our SEWA program depends upon meaningful collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders of the school community.

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