Model United Nations Club:

The MUN Society of The Heritage School embodies negotiation and diplomacy, attracting the sharpest students from Middle and Senior School. With knowledge of pertinent global issues and international relations at its heart, the society conducts rigorous training sessions and Intra-MUN to produce the best MUN-ers who emerge victorious at the most competitive conferences.

Confidence building, worldly knowledge, awareness, analytical skills, public speaking, and diplomacy learning atmosphere is present in this prestigious club. It is the perfect organisation for one with the eagerness to understand the concept of international relations.

Gaming Club:

“In a world where your brain works faster than a car; if you do not break away for a little time, you are as dead as your history.”

The Gaming Club at The Heritage School emerged as an endeavour to help learners cope and have fun in the tough times of the pandemic. Much like it sounds, this club is where all learners play video games such as ‘Call of Duty’. But it is so much more than that- it is a way to make friends, to escape reality for a moment and let us have fun again. The games may lead to some intense stand-offs and strategic backstabbing, but at the end of the day, everyone grows a little bit closer.

Literature Club:

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires.”

This quote by C.S Lewis describes the THSVK Literature Club in a nutshell. The literature club, led exclusively by the students, “adds to the reality” of living in a fast paced world and contributes towards enhancing one’s lifestyle to the maximum. As a part of the literature club, students aim to learn and improve literary skills while also partaking in fun and inclusive games! Being a part of this club can lead to some embarrassing, quirky moments but every moment spent here is cherishable!

The learners are encouraged to share their personal favourite works of literature and passionately recommend some of them to their fellow peers. Nevertheless, books are not the only source of literature they encounter. Multilingual movies and plays are also encouraged, which give the learners a well-rounded experience.

Open Mic Club:

It’s innovative, mesmeric, entertaining, dynamic, amusing, hilarious, wholesome, enthralling, and most of all, the true definition of fun. The Open Mic Club — led by the learners— is yet another school club that motivates learners to express themselves and explore who they are. It is an all-embracing platform wherein the members can vent about their feelings through miscellaneous mediums. The members can present their improvs, stand-up comedy, sketches, slam poetry and many more things; the list can go on forever. The POCs do everything in their power to make this club a light-hearted and open space for everybody, or as they like to call it, a place to crack the lamest jokes and have a plethora of fun.

Everyone in this club is welcomed wholeheartedly and with open arms. They are on board to sail the ship of ‘Mission Open Mic’, with bonds as strong as an anchor dug into the seafloor!

Home Science Club:

Home Science, or the science of home, is an important part of school curriculum. It educates the learners for a ‘better living’ by imparting education pertaining to individuals, home, family and resources. To understand the science behind making a home beautiful and people in it healthy, the school runs the Home Science Club for the students of classes 6-12. The club deals with the promotion and preservation of general health matters, understanding the dietary needs of individuals, importance of a balanced diet, and works towards enhancing their culinary skills along with the basics of hospitality. General hygiene, sewing, embroidery, presentation of prepared food, table layout, etc. are few other areas that are focused upon. Apart from being regularly involved in hospitality during different school events, cookery competitions, learning new recipes from different states of India and abroad are some of the activities taken up by the club. The club equips the learners with the knowledge and skills that are of great importance now and in the future.

Book Swap:

“A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on, you are enriched threefold.”

 - Henry Miller

Literacy is fundamental to learning, it creates the foundation for developing goals and supports achieving those goals each step of the way. Reading and writing are important skills for people of all ages, whether they are learning to read or already consuming ‘a book a day’.

Book Swap is an endeavour launched by middle school learners of THSVK. It inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering a circle of book exchanges in the school. The vision behind commencing the idea was to build stronger community ties, through sharing, and create more trust and openness. This will only support the goal to promote literacy, while also encouraging a healthy selection of easily accessible literature.

This very interaction of ‘discovering’ and ‘borrowing’ a book that a stranger has left is what makes it exciting while also demonstrating selfless action that gets replicated by the community as a whole. It is a great combination of building togetherness and literacy! With an attempt to nurture love for books and reading as the foundation, Book Swapping has flourishingly sparked an interest that has led to an appreciation and love for libraries.

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