Jodo Gyan

Jodo Gyan is an organisation working to find workable solutions to the problems in classroom practices. They have been working closely with students, teachers, teacher-educators and parents, particularly in mathematics and science education, to introduce innovative methods through which children will understand and enjoy what they are being taught. Conducting workshops, mainly in-service as well as for trainee teachers, designing, producing, procuring and distributing teaching and learning materials (TLMs) for promoting activity-based education, have all been a part of this endeavour. At Heritage schools, Jodo Gyan is helping develop and re-structure the maths programme based on Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) which was originally developed at the Freudenthal Institute in the Netherlands.


The school aspires to continually strive for every child`s mental health education. Psycho social well –being of children is considered to be an important part of the whole school programme. In order to make the school system psychologically friendlier, apt and conducive for the optimum growth of every child, the school has a well-equipped department of guidance & counselling which also includes special educational services. In addition to qualified counsellors & special educators, the school undertakes consultancy and advocacy on related issues based on the needs of children for all the age groups.
In order to strengthen the process of counselling & inclusive education, the school seeks expert advice from a renowned counselling psychologist Dr.Ravindran. He is a practicing counselling psychologist who is involved in counselling, counsellor training and teacher education over a period of two decades. He is the Director General of ICTRC (Institute of Counsellor Training, Research and Consultancy) which aims at empowering the people who are responsible for guiding children and youth. Dr.Ravindran is associated with NCERT, ICSE, Kendriya Vidhyalayas & Navodhaya Vidhyalayas, IGNOU & many reputed corporate houses.
Dr.Ravindran closely works with our school by conducting longitudinal programmeswhich include parent education, educational training & development for teachers and student development programmes.

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