The focus of Grade 11 and 12 is around building academic rigour with respect to board exams and building critical college readiness skills. We aim to help each student gain admissions into the top two colleges of choice in India or abroad. Thus, critical process are followed not just to ensure good scores in grade 12 board exams but also help students identify their career and college options and help them gain admissions.


All students go through a series of goal setting workshops focussed on discovering their life’s values and purpose, career choices and more importantly discovering their goals for grade 12 and beyond. These workshops help students identify their fears and develop courage to set their goals high. Students also articulate their targets for the next two years and these targets are reinforced and calibrated all through the year through follow up workshops and small group sessions.


Each student is provided with a mentor with whom the student spends 90-minute sessions every month. The mentor and student collectively review their yearly targets and break them into weekly goals. These goals are reviewed during every interaction and reviews are captured in a coaching diary. These diaries are helpful in recording the progress made by the student and also provide notes for the mentor to alter mentoring strategies.


We have academic processes designed to track each and every student and deploy timely interventions. One of the tools we use is detailed academic and remedial trackers. Updates on each student’s profile are tracked by a dedicated school counsellor along with other subject teachers every six days and they collectively decide on an intervention.


The school has a culture of collaboration with parents. There are frequent parent meetings and workshops supported by standard parent-teacher meetings. Some issues a student faces may stem from problems at home. Sometimes, parents also have low expectations from their children who invariably carry these low expectations into the classroom. So the school works closely with parents to help set a culture of high expectations and active support at home.


The school views industry and community interaction as a very important pedagogical tool. At the time of lesson planning at the beginning of the year, the subject groups identify concepts for which an industry interaction is important. These visits are then planned with due pre-planning for pre-reads, questionnaires, project reports etc. Regular industry experts are also called to interact with students in a workshop format. Students often are more engaged with their subjects when they see career progression for the subjects they are studying.

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