Student Council

The ethos of collaborative culture is embedded in the belief system of The Heritage Community. For the smooth working of the organisation, the consensus building among all the stakeholders is a key to success in any given domain of the school curriculum. Incorporation of the Students’ voice, thoughts and ideas in planning and implementation process and their proactive support in all endeavours takes the learning culture to a greater height.

With the objective, to further nurture quality collaboration and a spirit of camaraderie, the school has a democratically elected Student Council that interfaces among all the members of the community. It is a coveted forum that attracts student leaders to bring a positive change in their immediate environment to strengthen the learning culture of the community. Once elected to this coveted forum, the council members undergo a rigorous in-house training to internalise Dharmic principles of the Heritage Community. Once their induction process is over, they get to participate in the major decision making process of the school to ensure that the learners’ perspective is taken into consideration. Be it designing of events or the school policies on myriad issues, they are equal partners in the process. Their involvement in the forum provides them an opportunity to hone their 21st century skills in a real setting.

The school truly believes that Leadership skills cannot be taught. It has to be learned through donning the cap of a leader and experiencing the process.

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