Performing and Visual Arts

The biggest shift we would like to see in education is the shift from teaching a subject to developing a person. PA/VA offers an array of opportunities for learners to explore various art forms, encompassing a plethora of activities and different modes of expression. Our school aims at providing a platform for learners to hone their artistic ability thus enabling them to find their true selves. PA/VA has its roots in drawing, sculpting, singing, and playing instruments. Apart from nurturing a student's inner passion for a specific art form, we also work closely towards developing crucial life skills such as empathy, problem-solving and decision making. Our learners and faculty organise events to honour the local artists through a week-long program called 'Kalatmak'. Through this event learners hone their skills of management and get hands-on experience. ‘Art appreciation’ drive is run to encourage our budding artists to imbibe the act of appreciation and gratitude amongst the staff and the learners. Our endeavour is to support students and co-create solutions that make them ready for the future. Graded building of skills with thoughtfully designed plans aim at bringing inter- disciplinary integration of PA/VA with other subjects.

Our school has also collaborated with Furtado, a leading player in the space of music education in India. Music is the key that ignites all aspects of child development and skills for school readiness, be it intellectual, social-emotional, language, or overall literacy. Especially during the early years of development, music enables them to develop learning and reasoning. In line with this idea, a series of sessions of a workshop called ‘Music is Fun’ was taken up by Furtados School of Music.

The participants of the workshop, the Pre-School, and Pre-Primary teachers, were taken through the child-centric world of music teaching where the children are contextually taught using a puppet as a central figure, with a view to helping children learn not only rhythm, beats, and melodies but also some vitally important life skills. When teachers started implementing these skills in the classroom, they experienced a very positive impact on the learners. Along with rhythm and melody, they learned socio-emotional skills through a well devised storyline which was woven around the aforementioned puppet. In addition to that, they also learned how to stay alert and take instructions.

Thus, such student-led events, special assemblies, music and dance evenings not only enhance our learner’s artistic temperament by integrating various strategies in the curriculum, but also offer a platform to our learners to exhibit the skills honed over a period of time.

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