Admission Overview

A School is a place where a teacher and the student learn together. Heritage Schools wish to bring about a new cohort of human beings who are free from self-interested deeds. Heritage Schools are majorly concerned with education of the over-all Values System. Familiarity and academic competence alone are not adequate to congregate life’s tests. Learning to question, to recognize self, to relate with other people are some of the resolves of the school. It is vital therefore that parents and students understand and value the purpose of the school and keenly join the movement.

Pre-School (Nursery)

Admission to Pre-School (Nursery) class is regulated in accordance with the instructions / guidelines issued by Directorate of Education every year, in the month of December or January. Admission criteria, classification of seats & admission schedules are formulated as per Directorate of Education’s instructions & guidelines and are displayed in the public domain i.e. School’s website and notice board, for the information of the Parents seeking admission for their children and General Public.

Class I to VII and Class XI

Admission to Class I to VII and Class XI are granted against the vacancy of seats on account of withdrawals and in accordance with the instructions / guidelines applicable. Parents are requested to either e-mail the application for these classes to or approach the school reception.

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Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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