Commissioned in the year 1999, The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj is the most sought-after destination for students, drawn together with different academic aspirations and dreams. During the formative years of the institution, the school witnessed several upheavals and milestones in its journey but fathomed all with grit and determination. The institution’s core values are a cornerstone that fosters revolutionary initiatives in a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj, with its commitment to an experiential, project-based pedagogy and integrated curriculum, has established a formidable reputation for itself as a progressive, innovative school in over a decade that it has been operational. The Heritage School has introduced a paradigm shift in teaching-learning practices to emerge as an alternative to the traditional-oriented system of education. Facilitating an educational philosophy that places children at the centre of every initiative, we strive to provide a space for nurturing young students’ imagination, critical thinking abilities, and the development of a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Built on the principle that every child has an inherent ability to learn, The Heritage School propagates experiential education which integrates with the curriculum and syllabi to ease goals and processes. Excellence is redefined and reinvented for individual students. As a result, The Heritage students grow up to be confident, balanced, and sensitive individuals. At The Heritage, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience to help children to develop qualities of head, hand, and heart which will make them self-reliant individuals and fine human beings who are socially aware, compassionate, and kind, having a sense of pride in their country. We seek to empower and nurture people who are ready to work as agencies of change for building a more socially just and equitable society.

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