Principal’s Message

A hearty welcome to The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj. If you are new to our school, or a familiar face, I am happy to be travelling beside you on our school journey, where the vision of education spreads far beyond the classroom. Where each member is eagerly working to empower the coming generations with knowledge and values. We aim and work towards creating a space, where the children flourish holistically and are empowered for life.

The school has a history of excellence; a culture seated in values of mutual respect, collaboration, empathy, inclusion and freedom and it has lead our kids to set a high bar in academics and beyond. The Heritage Child can easily be identified as one with purpose and the skills, best suited to the ever changing world.

It is my pleasure to walk alongside the children as they grow up to be passionate individuals placing a high value on citizenship and kindness.

As you go through the pages of the website, you will get to know our endeavours to preserve and enlighten the spark and natural inquisitiveness that every child is born with. You will also get a peek into the platforms that he/she is provided to engage in that curiosity. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms, in the sporting field, on the stage, through managing events, outbound expeditions and students clubs to name a few.

We strongly believe in the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. We work hard on creating homogeneity of messaging at home and at school, the two most important environments for the child. We look forward to a continual dialogue with all through Subject Sessions, Expert Talks, PTM’s, Carnival, Samvaad etc, to build the essential cohesiveness in education.

Dr. Sunita Swaraj’S Master Trainer Profile

Sunita Swaraj

Sunita Swaraj holds a managerial position and is in the School Management Committee. She is also a member of our grievance redressal and sexual harassment committee. You can reach her at

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