Dr. Sunita Swaraj’s Master Trainer Profile

Dr Sunita Swaraj has been master trainer for various training programs of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). She has conducted training programs on National Education Policy 2020 in Tagore International School, Delhi Public School, Modern School, Birla Vidya Niketan, not only that, she has also conducted Life Skills Program at Carmel Convent School and online training on Teaching and Learning techniques with almost 500 teachers across India. Her style of conducting the training program has been very unique and popular across schools. She has prepared PowerPoint presentation on the respective topics with pictures and anecdotes. Before the training, presentations are forwarded to the respective school as an open source along with other reference material of CBSE and Ministry of Education. The trainee teachers are divided into groups or crews and they are asked to research on the on the topic that has been allotted to them. This process helps each group, which comprises of 5 to 6 members, focus on just one topic of the training. On the day of the training each crew presents their learning, to which Dr Sunita adds real life examples, case studies, data from government etc.

This approach of teaching and learning has been adopted to make sure that people not only learn about the topics like national education policy and life skills but they also experience the same during the training program. Session always starts with a circle time, where all trainees along with the facilitator stands in a circle and send good positive energy to each other and prepare for the day. There are powerful breaks given to the trainee teachers in between the session like dance, music, physical activities which not only helps trainees to be mindful but also helps them to understand how a student feels when he or she sits for long and as the saying goes that if you sit for 2-3 hours you smoke 40 cigarettes, the relevance of yoga and physical activities is also highlighted during the training. Principals and teachers across the schools could relate to the process of training and appreciated Dr Sunita on her endeavour of bringing in real change in the field of education.

We would also like to appreciate all the teachers who were a part of the training to bring in newness in the teaching and learning process. During the training some teachers used theatre some used music, some used sports, some music, everyone used their own expertise to bring in quality in the teaching and learning process. We would also like to thank the Central Board of Secondary Education to take up such initiatives of schools getting in touch with each other sharing their pedagogical practices to bring in more quality overall in the country and making sure that all children are provided quality education.

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